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The Process

1. Personalized Planning

I have created many financial planning models for individuals and businesses since 1982. Although technology has changed the look of our plans, there's one thing that hasn't changed --- they're personalized. I'll analyze your debt, insurance, estate plan, income taxes, retirement plans, cash flow, investment portfolio, your business, and any other planning areas you're concerned about. You'll get a straightforward, easy-to-understand plan.

2. Limited Number of Clients

I've chosen to limit the number of clients I work with. I don't believe having hundreds of clients with hundreds of accounts allows me the time to provide the kind of attention each client needs.

3. Account Size Minimum

My minimum account size is $ 100,000, although exceptions are made based on your individual circumstances.

4. Active Money Management

After creating a personalized Investment Policy Statement, every account is assigned one of our three portfolio models that is actively managed using my proprietary money management system. Performance is reported quarterly.

5. Reviews and Updates

  • Your planning models are consistently updated
  • You get no-fee consultations with me at your discretion
  • You get a detailed Quarterly Performance Report (managed accounts only)
  • You get a Performance Report on all accounts at your review
  • You get e-mails twice per month to keep you updated on specific portfolio moves (managed accounts only)
  • You have daily access to all of your accounts (requires User Name and Password)

6. How You Pay is Your Decision

Financial advisors are paid either by commissions, fees, or a blending of the two. After we go over your plan recommendations, I'll provide you with a detailed explanation of the various costs and expenses associated with the recommendations. At that point, you will be able to decide how you want to pay me for implementing your planning models.

7. Your Portfolio's Costs and Expenses

Numerous studies have shown the negative affects of high annual expense ratios on your investments and their long-term performance. Our three fee-based model portfolios are among the lowest you will find. Expense ratios range from 0.20% to 0.30%.

8. Team Approach

I don't try to be all things to all people so a team approach is used when implementing your planning models. If you have a CPA, attorney, insurance professional, or other advisors, I would welcome the opportunity to work with them and act as a coordinator to ensure you're having all of your planning needs met.